Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 Reasons I KNOW for sure I am PREGNANT!!!

Note#1: Despite all of these crazy reasons John and I are absolutely thrilled, ecstatic, and overjoyed to be welcoming Baby Washburn #2. No we will not be announcing the name until baby arrives, and yes we have decided we are going to find out the sex of the baby due to our possible major life change, moving to Peru, next Fall.

Note #2: I do not feel like I am showing earlier than last time, but if I relax it looks like I am 5 months along - of course this is due to Baby Washburn #1, Caleb. Totally worth every stretched out ab muscle.

Okay now for these reasons....

Reason #1 Well the Pregnancy test told me so - that one is obvious I suppose :) Caleb tells me everyday as well by pointing to my belly and saying baby, but with a Spanish accent -- priceless.

Reason #2 I am sick all of the time - yes morning, afternoon, night time, even when I wake up to go to the bathroom a million times in the night...which leads me to number 3...

Reason #3 The bathroom and I have become best friends.

Reason #4 I am loosing my memory, and quite frankly I think my mind. Yes it's true I made a pizza with hash browns instead of cheese. No it was not on purpose, and yes it was truly disgusting. I am also talking to inanimate objects like they are children?? Oh, and I forget things like giving my 16 month old a bowl of yogurt is a bad idea...because he does not know how to use a spoon shown below. Not sure what I was thinking or if I was even thinking. He was being so quiet and content I was just letting him be. Then I glanced over at him and thought to myself, "I think it is bath time".


Reason #5 I have gone through I think 5 or 6 bags of apples already. Yes, I know a strange craving but it happened with Caleb as well. Unfortunately it seems as though my favorite brand of apple, pink lady apples, is out of season...strange. Also unfortunately, I do not really like any other food right a result no weight gain. Totally typical for me though so no worries.


  1. You gave me a good chuckle, Crystal. Can't wait to meet the cause of your cravings next April.

  2. CONGRATS! That's so awesome.

    (PS--pink lady apples totally rule.)