Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boiling Lake

On Saturday we traveled up to boiling lake. We started out very early in the morning because most people take anywhere from 4-8 hours to finish it. We definitely took a while because we took so many photos! Let's just put it this way, my legs are killing me today! It was definitely strenuous but well worth it. The boiling lake was only discovered about 50 years ago. Basically the island is full of volcanoes so this is just another way for the pressure built up underneath the earth to escape. At the top of this crazy hike there is a cliff and just below that lies the boiling lake. It is considered the largest boiling lake in the world, well actually tied with another lake in New Zealand.

It was believed that a man actually fell in the lake after trying to retrieve a tourists camera that fell down the cliff. The man actually came back after the tour was over to get the camera but he was by himself. His rope broke as he was repelling down the cliff and no one was there to get him out of the boiling water. The man had third degree burns on half his body, but supposedly survived because a tour group that came up right after us told us they met him. Apparently he was selling some sort of trinket down at the bottom of the trailhead, and he was telling them this story. Crazy huh?...that is if it is true :)

We took several pictures. The one on display is just a black water pool. There were several of this bubbling black water pools (man did it stink) in the Valley of Desolation. The Valley of desolation is on the way into the Boiling Lake.

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  1. Wait... so did he get his camera or no? HEHE :)