Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From the Trenches in our Backyard to the Mountains in our Wallet
So last week we found out that we had a major plumbing problem that needed fixing ASAP. This ordeal just so happened ro occur right smack in the middle of our major moving sale weekend. So a few plumbing trucks, a backhoe, a trench 6ft by 50ft long, and hours of noise later - We now have a working sewer system. New PVC pipes to replace the "dinosaur" old clay pipes that have been wreaking havoc on us these last three years. The plumbers showed us tree roots the size of John's leg that had worked their way into our system - hence the reason why we were having problems. So currently we are grateful for a working plumbing system - maybe this is in preparation for Peru? Who knows - but as always God carried us through. Enjoy the pictures of Caleb driving the backhoe.
 photo DSC_0070-2_zps4490e345.jpg
 photo DSC_0059-1_zps81db5b33.jpg  photo DSC_0038-1_zpsa6cf20ad.jpg
The lawn looks pretty bad in the backyard now - which could be an issue as we are putting the house on the market next week. Pray for a quick sale and GRASS :)  photo DSC_0003_zps7b021636.jpg
On another note, we had our moving sale this weekend. Thanks to all who came out to help, bringing us lunches/dinners and helping us set up and take down things. We are so blessed to have such great friends! Our sale was fantastic. We got rid of a TON of stuff. John and I did not realize how much we had until we went to sell it all, and even though at times it was emotionally hard to see things go, it was such a good experience for us. Through this whole process we have been humbled by how much we have been blessed with, and we have come to the realization that it is all just "stuff". It's not bad to have things, even nice things, but it is where the "heart" is in it all. Matthew 6:21

"Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be."
After all of this we have realized how hard it is to live in America - where we have SO much. It is hard not to get lost in it all - we did not even realize how much it effected us until we went to get rid of everything. As I shed tears over objects, I (Crystal) began to realize how materialistically minded I have become. Secretly, I knew it all along but this move has brought it all out to the surface. What a wonderful experience this has been in drawing me closer to the Lord, and making me realize that there is more to life than having "stuff" - even though I like the "stuff". God is good, and I feel blessed to have the "stuff" we do have. We did keep a few sentimental things - and some things I just loved to much to let go of at the moment any way :) One thing I will be looking forward to in Peru - not having to worry about "keeping up with the Jones'". God knew exactly what I needed.
The kids had an amazing time during the sale. Caleb loved being outside all day in the 70 degree whether, although he was not to excited to sell all of his things. The toys he did not seem to care about, but the one thing he constantly talks about and longs to have back is his dresser I refinished for him. I had no idea he enjoyed it so much. We sold the entire nursery set to a couple preparing for their first little baby. Caleb was nearly in tears the day we sold it and he has not stopped talking about it since. So you can be praying for our little guy as we explain why we are selling things and what God is calling us to. Sometimes I forget how hard it is on our little ones too. They have handled it with such grace though - thank you Lord for this!
 photo DSC_0008-1_zps5a30c2a4.jpg
Pray for us as we move back to Colorado next week - specifically pray for the 13+ hour car ride with the kids. John's driving the moving truck and I am driving the kids. It should be an adventure!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Looking for a Nursery Set???
Trying to get rid of our ENTIRE nursery set. If you are interested please call 719-640-5819! Thanks! More pics on the craigslist post here:
 photo DSC_0784_zpsc06121e5.jpg

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Are Selling Everything!!!


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