Monday, September 21, 2009


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The Morrison Family

I absolutely loved spending time with the Morrison family a couple of weeks ago. They have five beautiful,very photogenic, children, and I enjoyed my time at Phelps Grove Park with them here in Springfield. I am excited for our next shoot in October. I cannot wait to see what images that photoshoot will bring!

Pieces of Ecuador

For those of you who were wondering what happened to my Ecuador has been extremely busy so I have not had the chance to blog about what what went on in April/May. The trip was amazing. John worked in the hospital and I worked at the orphanage. I had the opportunity to tutor two young girls and one boy in English, and I enjoyed that very much. We also tried to adopt a little boy, David, while we were over there, but were unsuccessful. Even though things did not work out he will always be on our hearts. The culture was fantastic. The food was amazing. The people were great. The trip was wonderful.

The photo of the little girl was taken by John, and I must say, he did a fantastic job.

Arkansas: The Undiscovered Paradise

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Arkansas would be beautiful. John and I went to a wedding near Harrison, AK this weekend, and I almost could not believe it. The Ozarks are georgous, and the view was breath taking. In addition to the wonderful veiws we came across this old mining town that is a ghost town, and it was pretty cool (too bad we do not have any pictures of that). Everything was beautiful but it did rain the WHOLE time, which is why Arkansas is so green I suppose.

Our tent is hilarious. We have a pup tent - meaning seriously only one person should be in it - but we fit two. It is so funny, I cannot even extend my legs without hitting the edge of the tent - so think about what that means for John. We did camp though, because the wedding was held at a lodge and afterward everyone either camped or stayed in cabin. We had lots of fun.

I have been to Arkansas twice within the last two weeks now, and that is just crazy.

Fun in the Florida Sun

Last week I was actually in Florida visiting my mom and my grandparents. My mom was making the big move across country, and on a whim I decided I would go with her. The trip was rather eventful after the 26' truck broke down around Clinton, Arkansas. What made it even worse was that they had to replace the all of the stuff in the truck was moved to another 26' truck. It was like a mover's worst nightmare, but it all worked out. We are all laughing about it now, although it was not quite so funny then.

Next week I will be heading down to Colorado Springs to see my dad, and my brother and sister. My brother's birthday is on the 29th and my sister needs some senior photos done so I will be making the drive sometime next week. Hopefully I will be able to see everyone when I come down. For those of you in the Springs who might have a moment to spare while I am down there, I would love to try and catch up.

Springfield, Missouri

We have finally made our way to Missouri. No more traveling...well at least for a while. John is enjoying work here in Springfield, and I am finally starting up my photography business.

Someday I will try to put up pictures of the house. We are still making some minor adjustments to the house, but I will try to put some photos up. My next project on the house will be the kitchen. The entire kitchen needs to be repainted, so that should be fun. I still have not decided whether I am going to be brave enough to replace all of the knobs on the cupboards yet.

Right now I am trying to finish up the curtains for the living room and our room. Hopefully they will turn out as good as the picture I have in my mind, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

I feel like I have so many projects I want to do but never enough time in the day :)