Friday, April 10, 2009

Pastor Ed and Sister Cindee

While we were up at Woodford Hill we did a little photoshoot of Pastor Ed and Sister Cindee. It is actually an amazing testimony since Pastor Ed's life was spared just a couple of weeks ago.
We had a good time with Pastor Ed and his wife, and on Sunday we got to go with them to church. We also took some photos while we were there, and this one little girl was incredibly photogenic. All of the children were absolutely adorable.

Woodford Hill

Last weekend we went to Woodford Hill to spend the weekend with Pastor Ed and his wife Cindee. We had a great time relaxing and going to the beach. We visited the most beautiful white sand beach while we were there and found some fantastic shells. The water was a myriad of blues, greens and aquas. I could not believe how beautiful the beach was with the white sand and the cliffs. It is crazy to me that one side of the island has black sand beaches and the other side has white sand.

Unfortunately rumor is, they are trying to sell this beautiful beach to some resort coming in. This will no longer allow public access. Isn't it amazing to think that someone can actually own this peace of land?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plants underneath the Water

It is amazing to me the clarity of the water here. We have done several hikes, and everywhere we go the water color is amazing. When we went up to the Fresh Water and Boeri Lakes we came across some plants that were growing underneath the water. These plants give the water an ethereal sense of color. The second photo consist of several plants that are like 3 or 4 feet long in a stream leading into Fresh Water Lake.

Conch Shells

I was unsuccessful in trying to con that man who was selling the conch shells into telling me where he actually finds these giant shells. It makes sense though because, he makes a small living off of selling me these gigantic shells. I still have not decided whether to buy one. I am opting on not getting one since I would have to carry the giant thing all the way back with me. They are beautiful shells though. I went shell searching near Portsmouth and discovered a few here and there but none in comparison with his beauties. What is so unique about the conch shell here is that they actually use them for something. Can you guess what?!? They use them to signal to a village that they have caught fish! Yes, whenever they have come in with a catch they blow into them and this signals the fish lovers to come and start the bidding. Who would have thought?

Boeri Lake and Fresh Water Lake

Not many people travel up to these two lakes, however John and I thought they were well worth the hike. The Fresh Water Lake is a man made lake whereas the Boeri is natural. The Fresh Water Lake was not at all spectacular as some of the other areas we have see here, but everything is so untouched here. I think the fact that everything is not developed here adds a different kind of beauty to it. I mean on the way up here we traveled on a one way, winding, twisting road that is not even finished yet. The drive up here was an experience in itself. After traveling up the Fresh Water Lake we hiked another 45 minutes into Boeri Lake, and I must admit the whole hike was worth it just for this lake alone. The hike up to Boeri was fantastic! You start out underneath the jungle canopy and gradually climb wooden steps that were put in place some years ago. The climb is mild going up and down, and up and down. The hike was foggy and misty most of the way but that only served to cool us down because the days are indeed getting hotter here. As you go down the mountains in the jungle we came across several little waterfalls and rivers, and the water was soooo clear. It was incredible! Everything was so peaceful. Once we reached the lake the fog had set in right on top of the lake providing a very interesting affect for photography. We had a great time, and the trip to Boeri was well worth the effort.